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North India

India is a destination that awakens your every sense. It’s a land of beautiful palaces, incredible temples, the breathtaking Taj Mahal, The mystical sacred Ganges and the majestic Himalayas. It is an adventurous destination with always something new to discover even for the most experienced traveller. You have to travel to India with an open mind. Everyday seems to be a celebration of life and good health.  From wildlife natural parks to the unlimited cultural sites, from bustling atmospheric cities to remote quiet timeless villages, there is something to delight every type of traveller. For wildlife lovers, India’s wildlife reserves are a must see where you will find elephants, deer, panther, wild buffalo, snow leopards, tigers and elusive one horn rhinoceros. For those who love train travel, India offer some of the most luxurious as well as most unusual train journeys, from the opulence of the “Indian Maharaja” and “The Palace on Wheels” to the quaint and charming narrow gauge mountain Toy Trains with their stunning scenic routes, any train journey taken in India will offer a once in a lifetime train journey that you will never forget.  

Visit cities dotted with the romanticism of palaces, the valor of the forts, the colors of the festivals and mouth watering delicacies – every Indian city has a magic of its own that leaves everyone speechless. The air is thick with tales from a bygone era and the streets are lined with colorful shops selling everything from jewellery to antiques. As the sun rises and the day begins, you wake up to the smell of spices and jasmine, hot morning Chai , sounds of auto rickshaws playing loud Bollywood music and the early morning prayers at the churches, mosques and the temples. You will be captivated by the ever changing scenery on the streets. It is like watching a movie, one scene after another and every scene is magical.

If you go in search of tranquility then your journey will take you south to the gorgeous tropical green of Kerala! Whether you go walking down its roads, sailing through its lagoons or trekking in tea country the colour green never leaves you. Travel back in time to the rich palaces of the Kings of yore. Lose yourself amidst cool, tranquil monuments. Marvel at the exquisite architecture, the intricate stone carvings and the delightful fables. Wander around enchanting museums. Explore the ruins of ancient forts or just simply rejuvenate your soul with exotic spa treatments and golden sun rays as you laze on a white palm fringed beach. India is truly a land of mystery and incredible beauty and should be visited and experienced at least once in a lifetime.

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When to go

The weather is hot most of the year with variations from region to region. The coolest weather lasts from around December to February, with fresh mornings and evenings and mostly sunny days. The really hot weather, when it is dry, dusty and unpleasant, is between March and June. Monsoon rains occur in most regions in summer anywhere between June and early October. 


Flying time

From London to Delhi is 8 hours; to Kolkata (Calcutta) is 9 hours 45 minutes; to Chennai (Madras) is 11 hours, and to Mumbai (Bombay) is 8 hours 30 minutes.

Time difference

GMT + 5 ½


Passport & Visa

Visa Required?
British Yes
USA  Yes
Other EU Yes


Passports must be valid for a minimum of 180 days


Visa Validity

Tourist: six months or one year for multiple entry. Transit: maximum stays of 15 days within three months. Business: six months or one year, or up to two years for multiple entry. Visas are valid from the date of issue.


Visa Note

Certain parts of the country have been designated protected or restricted areas that require special permits and in some cases prior government authorisation. Intent to visit a specific restricted region should be indicated when applying for a visa and a permit will be granted to visit that region only. 


Health requirements

Diphtheria Yes
Hepatitis A Yes
Malaria  Yes
Tetanus Yes
Typhoid Yes
Yellow Fever No*


Inoculation regulations can change at short notice. Please take medical advice in the case of doubt. Where 'Sometimes' appears in the table above, precautions may be required depending on the season and region visited.