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Brazil, a country of immense proportions and contrasts, has a mysterious attraction for many people. With a surface approximately as big as Europe and which covers half of the South American continent, the biggest country in South America is a mirror of fascinating pictures.

Brazil's landscape is as diverse as the people who inhabit it. With almost five thousand miles of sunny coastline scattered with dazzling beaches, tropical islands, wildly energetic cities and picturesque colonial towns; it is easy to understand why few tourists never venture far from Brazil's spectacular coastline but, a trip into the interior reveals a different but equally captivating country which offers a variety of terrain and, of course, the world's biggest rainforest in the lush Amazon Basin which boasts an astounding array of wildlife and exotic fauna. Brazil is also the home of South America's greatest waterfall, the majestic Iguassu Falls; the two-mile wide curtain of water crashing 300ft over a series of precipices into a spray-filled gorge constitutes the most spectacular sight of southern Brazil and probably the whole of South America.

Brazil's most seductive city is Rio de Janeiro; it is truly a city of contrasts of colour, of life styles and dazzling scenery that will always fascinate and make one long to be there. Rio de Janeiro is a city sculptured in space that sits capriciously on a thin strip of land between the mountains and the sea. Its horizontal dimensions and hills provide a unique vertical perspective. Every segment of the landscape is different: on the ocean side of the city islands reflect the sun on the other side the city is bounded by a forest with its lush greenery. Winding through the midst of all this, the city, with its avenues and skyscrapers. Rio is the capital of happiness and the sun washed city of Carnival, built around the most beautiful bay in the world, where visitors can join the mayhem of samba-filled parties.

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When to go

The climate varies from hot and dry in the arid interior to the humid tropical rainforests of the Amazon jungle. Coastal Brazil tends to be hot and sticky for most of the year but it can get cold in the south during the winter months. Rainy season is November to March in the Rio/São Paulo area.


Flying time

From London to São Paulo and to Rio de Janeiro is approximately 11 hours. Direct flights are operated by British Airways

Time difference

Brazil spans several time zones: 

Eastern Standard Time: GMT -3 (GMT -2 from third Sunday in October to third Saturday in March). 

Western Standard Time: GMT -4 (GMT -3 from third Sunday in October to third Saturday in March).


Passport & Visa

Visa Required?
British No
Other EU Some

Passports must be valid for a minimum of 6 months.


Health requirements

Diphtheria Yes
Hepatitis A Yes
Malaria  Sometimes
Tetanus Yes
Typhoid Yes
Yellow Fever Sometimes


Inoculation regulations can change at short notice. Please take medical advice in the case of doubt. Where 'Sometimes' appears in the table above, precautions may be required depending on the season and region visited.