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Chinese Visa Information


  • Actual Passport.
  • 1 passport sized photo.
  • 1 Visa Application form
  • Letter of invitation from a company or institution in China (For Business Visa Application only).


Other requirements:

  1. Application Forms MUST be completed clearly and correctly, all details should correspond exactly with your flight & hotel confirmations and the form should be signed and dated in the relevant places (the signature must match the one in the passport).
  2. Letter of invitation needs to be signed by the relevant person in China and clearly state the traveller’s passport details:
  • Full passport name
  • Passport number
  • Issuing date of the invitation letter


Processing Time:   Standard service takes 4 working days to process               


Visa Fee:

Singe Entry             GBP90.00

Double Entry          GBP130.00

6-month Multiple   GBP165.00 (1 previous business visa required)

One year Multiple  GBP255.00 (2 previous business visas required)


3 Working Days Express Service  GBP40.00 extra

Special Delivery                                GBP6.00


All visa requirements and fees are subject to change

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