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South East Asia


A nation of captivating diversity. From north to south you will find 'authentic' Asia. Be inspired by the landscapes, culture, history and cuisine of this incredible country


Laos is the jewel in Indochina's crown; after years of isolation Laos is slowly opening to the outside world but, it retains its own quiet rhythm and charm.


Cambodia's majestic Khmer temples, once hidden from the world and engulfed by the jungle, are now one of the most alluring sights in all of Asia.


The Kingdom of Thailand seduces travellers with its age-old traditions, spicy cuisine, rich culture, and the warm smiles of its people.


For centuries Malaysia has been a meeting place for merchants and travellers: Rich in culture and natural resources Malaysia offers a wide range of holiday experiences.


A cultural melting pot and dazzling example of the region's economic successes, wealthy Singapore assails the senses of the first time visitor.